Top 25 Dress Up Games

Teenage girls love to play dress up games. These games are fun to play, as you can display your artistic nature by playing such games. Below are 25 dress games that you would enjoy playing with.

Purple Fashion Dress Up

This dress-up game offers numerous dress options along with amazing accessories like shoes, jewelry, purse, and jacket. You need to make an ideal purple outfit by using the available resources.

Cute Goth Princess Dress Up

Being a fashion game, Cute Goth princess dress up allows you to give a prestigious look to the princess. The character loves to take advice from you. Hence, just give your best shot.

Shopaholic Models

While playing this game, you can shop like a supermodel. You have to buy dresses and accessories for the models to bring stardom into their appearance.

Fashion model-Show Myself

This game requires you to give a groomed look to the character by creating a trendy outfit. Just make your models stand out among the rest.

Shirley’s XL Closet

Shirley’s XL focuses on the plus-size divas. The characters are curvy and attractive. You can use plenty of options to dress them for a crazy night out.

Business Chic Dress Up

This dress up game adds a trendy touch to a businesswoman. It allows you to spice up the professional wardrobe to give a new look to your character.

Bollywood Dress Up

With a huge variety of ethnic/Indian wear, you can give a pure Bollywood look to the models. Give your characters a chance to sizzle up the red carpet.

Top Model Show Dress Up

This dress up game is all about creativity and fashion. While playing the game, you need to prepare the character as if they are top models.

Makeover Designer

Makeover Designer is a versatile dress up game with plenty of option to try. You can create a face and dress up the model for a dashing catwalk.

Aqua Fashion Style

This is an amazing fashion and dress up game that involves preparing a model who loves to spend some time by the sea.

Fashion Street Snap Dress Up

The models in the game love to show off and you can help by giving a fashionable look to them. Choose from a variety of dresses and make their day.

Gothic Lolita Dress Up

The Gothic Lolita dress up game wants to prepare for a gathering and asks you to give her a princess look through your fashion sense.

Outfit Frenzy Dress Up

While playing this game, you can give different looks to the character by dressing them up. You have plenty of options including the bride, princess, debutante, hipster, and tomboy dresses.

Vintage School Girl Dress Ups

This game will take you back to your school days. You can give the coolest look to any model by dressing her in a vintage style outfit.

Sleepy Student Dress Up

Sarah is an interesting character who is falling asleep in the classroom. What you have to do is to give her cool outfit and prepare her for a class nap.

Twin Baby Boy and Girl

This couple dress game has twin characters including a boy and girl. You have to dress them up for a cute look.

New Year Dress Up

You can select your New Year dress by preparing the characters and analyzing what type of outfit would be perfect for the New Year’s party.

Sky Breeze Cool Summer Style

This couple dress up game allows you to prepare the characters for a sunny beach day. You can find a wide range of dresses in the closet to start with.

Fashion Punk Girl

Fashion punk girl is a perfect fashion dress up game with an interesting theme. You can give a stunning look to the character by dressing her up in a fashionable way.

Starfire Dress Up

Starfire is an alien princess, asking you to help her dress like fashion divas. Just treat her like a girl on earth.

Festive New Year’s party

Prepare your characters for the New Year party. Choose the best dress and other accessories to make an outstanding outfit.

Go-see Dress Up

This is a fun game to play, where you have to dress up your model to give her the best look and attitude.

Proposal Dress Up

This couple dress up game allows you to plan a fairytale proposal by dressing up the character for an occasion.

Shopping Friends Dress Up

The Shopping friends dress up game give you a chance to add glamour into the life of your characters.

Kiss under Starry Sky Dress Up

Just prepare the couples to give them a stylish look. Help them to enjoy a beautiful night under the stars.